Frequently Asked Questions

Not woke enough?

What kind of technology is being used to help me sleep & dream?

Sleep should be relaxing and relieving but for many it does not feel like they have slept enough. Using our revolutionary electroencephalography technology, brain activity is read by analyzing electric signals across different parts of the brain. The sleep module is able to quantify and analyze these electric signals gathered through the electroencephalography technology in the headband or pillow. Utilizing the quantified information, the sleep module’s processor critically controls brain activity for desired types of sleep using vagus nerve stimulation and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. REM sleep is controlled and activated allowing for sleep being as relaxing and relieving as possible.

What would I be dreaming about?

Our default dream setting is lucid dreaming, allowing our dreamer to control everything in their dream, from the setting, to the sights and sounds. The dreamer can control it all with their Sound Sleep. Dream settings can be changed on the companion app for several scenarios we offer. These scenarios include educational, guided experiences, and content (such as movies and video games).

What stops me from "lucid dreaming" on my own?

To achieve lucid dreaming without our module can take others years to master through intense daily practice and even with this “mastery,” our dream technology makes it instantly easier to lucid dream.

Can I purchase just a Head Rest & Sound Sleep and skip the Data Dreamer?

No; the Data Dreamer is a core product in both our sleep and dream systems. It is necessary to have the sleep module before you own a dream module. Our product must put you into a consistent deep sleep for our dream functions to work reliably.

How does the Nap Network, work?

The Nap Network is an attachment to the Sound Sleep and connects the dreamer to the internet. The user’s dreamscape becomes the internet and allows dreamers to browser the web and communicate with others in their dreams. Customers in the dream network can enjoy online gaming, video calls, and all of the other functions of the internet through the immersive dream experience with other dreamers.

Are there any long-term effects of using these products?

No-- our technology only affects brain patterns during sleep. These patterns will return to normal almost immediately after waking up, so the only long-term change from our products is healthy brain growth as a result of being well rested.

What is the difference between the Head Rest and the Sleepy Head?

The Head Rest is a device designed to be completely non-obtrusive as it is meant to be placed underneath a dreamer’s pillow, while the Sleepy Head is a peripheral that can be worn for alternative use. Both products provide the same function.

Are your products safe to use?

We honor customer safety as our number one priority when designing products and the electrical components that alters brain activity will always be at a safe level.

Can I be hacked through the dream network?

You cannot be hacked into as your mind is separate from all other minds, and most of the connection is local. Other dreamers can naturally be in the same dream as you, however, they cannot physically damage you. If they are bothering you, you have the option to remove them from your session and/or block their presence from yours.